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Baseball Equipment

Hit the base path with the best baseball gear

In order to make clutch hits, big catches and safe slides into home, you need great baseball equipment. Players who are least obstructed by the equipment they wear are more likely to swing hard and run fast.

Baseball Cleats

Cleats are the one piece of equipment you'll never take off while on the diamond. Cleats, or baseball shoes, are essential in order to maintain grip while rounding the bases on the diamond or in the outfield, particularly in poorly-maintained parks where wearing regular old tennis shoes could lead to significant foot or ankle injury. Cleats help keep you balanced with their metal or, more often, plastic spikes (it's better to avoid wearing metal spikes, since a jump or slide could cause injury to a teammate or competitor). Whether you're trying on women's or men's baseball cleats, make sure that they are firm in the sole but that the sides are flexible enough to allow movement and thus prevent ankle sprain.

Batting Helmets

An often overlooked piece of equipment, batting helmets are an absolutely essential part of playing organized baseball. Going to bat without one is like driving your car without a windshield; you may not get hurt right away, but it's almost certain that something will come flying at you very hard and very fast sooner or later. Batting helmets should be light enough to let a player move his head without strain, but firm enough to offer the necessary protection.

Baseball Gloves

When you're on defense, the idea is to keep the opponent from rounding those baseball bases with ease – and the best way for players in the field to do that is by wearing comfortable, flexible baseball gloves. It should be large enough that it can cup the ball (keep in mind softball players need a much larger glove) but maneuverable enough to maximize dexterity. If you're having trouble breaking a glove in, try placing a baseball inside and wrapping string around it to form an artificial grip. Leave it overnight and then take it outside each day for a few minutes of catch, slowly working in the joints.