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Bodybuilding Supplies

Satisfy your weightlifting needs

In order to seriously engage in weight training, you need to consider the bodybuilding equipment and supplies on the market today. Besides following a specific dietary regimen and extensive physical exercise program, many weightlifters also turn to special bodybuilding supplies to help them reach their goals.

Bodybuilding Equipment

A big part of successful bodybuilding is the equipment you use. People at many levels of weight training experience use free weights, or dumbbells and plates, which work against gravity to increase the challenge and build muscle faster. Bodybuilders may also use various machines to help in their weight training, including Smith machines, which can make squats and bench presses safer but can also decrease muscle growth potential.

Bodybuilding Supplements

But bodybuilding isn't just chalk bags and dumbbells – it's also what you consume and when you consume it. One of the most critical parts of weightlifting is supplement use, including whey protein, creatine and even steroids, but steroids can have very detrimental effects on your health and their use in bodybuilding is strongly discouraged.

Whey, on the other hand, is simply a dairy byproduct from the manufacture of cheese or casein. It's an important supplement in weight training because whey has the highest biological value of any protein (even higher than egg whites) and is very safe to use, so it's a worthwhile option for the casual bodybuilder.

More serious weight trainers sometimes investigate creatine, a nitrogenous organic acid named after the Greek word for flesh. Studies analyzing the short-term use of creatine show that it can improve results for high-intensity anaerobic repetitive work by as much as 15 percent – making it highly valued by many serious athletes as a regular part of their training. However, studies looking into the health effects of creatine use are still under way, and many professional and amateur sports leagues discourage or outright ban its use. You might be better off investing in rock climbing equipment or gear for other intense sports that require and build strong muscle endurance, and complement your weight training.