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Boxing Equipment

Boxing gloves, punching bags and more

It takes years of training to become an accomplished boxer. If you're hoping to get in shape and make a name for yourself in local boxing circles, then you'll need to acquire and properly use the right boxing equipment.

Punching Bags

Punching bags are made from leather, vinyl or sometimes canvas, and filled with sand or grains to provide a resistance somewhat similar to the human body.

There are several different types of punching bags, and each serves a unique training purpose. Speed bags are small and often suspended from the top of a platform slightly above the boxer's head. They are used to help a fighter develop his or her control, dexterity and coordination by challenging them to maintain a steady rate of punching impact on the bag.

A body opponent bag is shaped like a person's upper torso. Made of synthetic material, it closely resembles the shape and feel of the human body, offering more accurate resistance and helping to develop control and technique.

Finally, the uppercut punching bag, which is sometimes shaped like an upside down screwdriver, is used to help fighters better develop punches such as jabs, cuts and curls.

Boxing Gloves

The kind of boxing gloves you need depends on the kind of training you'll be doing. If you're most interested in using heavier bags like the uppercut punching bag, then the best option is gloves with maximum thickness. However, if you consider yourself a fast, stick-and-jab fighter who intends to train with swerve or speed bags, then the best option might be something lighter, with less protection.

If you're planning to take boxing classes, then pick up some boxing headgear as well.

Boxing Shoes

As with any athletic footwear, the key to purchasing boxing shoes is to choose a pair that will not hinder movement. Don't be afraid to mimic your typical boxing stance and movements while in the store to make sure you can move easily and comfortably.