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Cycling Gear

The best cycling apparel

Most serious cyclists wouldn't be caught dead zipping down a country road in jeans and a Boston Red Sox T-shirt. They recognize that the right cycling gear is a critical part of riding fast. Good cycling apparel is an especially essential investment for new cyclists interested in participating in this fast-paced sport.

Cycling Jackets

When it comes to cycling clothes, there isn't anything more important than a good cycling jacket. You can't wear just any jacket, because cycling is so different from any other outdoor activity or sport. Cyclists spend most of their time hunched over on their bikes, so they need a cycling jacket that won't leave the lower back exposed. Most quality cycling jackets do cover this area, but when you try one on, you can check by imitating the position you'll be in while riding.

Good cycling jackets are also thinner than other jackets in order to minimize wind resistance. They should be more resistant to rain or wetness than the average jacket, too, since there's a better chance a cyclist will endure inclement weather while on a long ride. Also look for adjustable cuffs and neck lining so that you can customize the jacket depending on the wind and weather.

Cycling Shorts and Shoes

When shopping for cycling shorts, you want to purchase a set that's right for your body type and gender. Most shorts are tailored to different leg sizes for male and female riders. Consider the conditions you expect to ride in – if you're a casual rider who doesn't plan to cycle for two to three hours at a time in the rain, then waterproof material might be less important to you and thus not quite worth the extra money. It's always a good idea to buy shorts with at least one small pocket, in case you need to carry an identification card or key.

It's important that the cycling shoes you buy match the pedals you use. For example, you don't want the Velcro straps on your shoes to interfere with the toe straps on your pedals, causing discomfort or even injury.