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Golf Gear

Hit the links with great golf equipment

If you're just getting started in the world of golf, chances are you'll get by just fine with some rented or borrowed clubs. But if you're serious about your game, you'll need to invest in a complete selection of golf gear, which includes everything from clubs to performance accessories. Also, since golf course equipment is fairly expensive, you'll want to use protective products to help maintain your investment.

Golf Gear

Must-Have Golf Gear for Every Player

Beyond the golf clubs you'll need to play a round, and the golf bags that will hold and protect them, there are other essentials you'll have to have, regardless of your skill level. If golf tees aren't provided by the course where you're playing, they'll be available for purchase at the pro shop. However, you can save yourself some money by buying your own tees in bulk – golf course pro shops are notorious for charging premium prices for everyday essentials that you could buy online or at a sporting goods store for less.

Also, golf gloves will protect your hands as you drive your ball a couple hundred yards down the green; swinging clubs creates friction which can lead to blisters, even after only an hour or two. Finally, it's a good idea to get specialized golf shoes with cleats that will help you dig into the ground and stay stable when you're lining up a shot.

Optional Golf Accessories

Avid golf enthusiasts will enjoy the many available accessories which aren't necessarily essential but add some style and fun as well as a potential performance boost. Purely stylistic golf accessories include personalized golf tees and balls, and decorative bags.

Golf clothing straddles the line between fashion and function. While regular T-shirts give you all the arm mobility you need to swing a club or chip a putter, specially designed golf shirts are made of breathable fabric that helps keep you cool on a hot summer day on a sunny course. Similarly, golf hats are uniquely shaped to protect your eyes from the sun, allowing you to make better and more accurate shots. As you gain golfing experience, you may choose to add these items to your collection of golf gear to help elevate your game to the next level.