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Golf Balls

Play with personalized golf balls

Golf balls must conform to specified size, weight and performance standards dictated by the official rules of the sport's governing bodies. All golf balls that are used in competitive events must adhere to these standards, which include size restrictions (a golf ball cannot be less than 1.68 inches in diameter) and weight limits (1.62 ounces is the most an official golf ball can weigh).

A Brief History of Golf Balls

In golf's early history, balls were hand-crafted from wood. By the early 1600s, though, wooden balls were being replaced by an invention called the "featherie," which was a paint-coated leather pouch filled with fowl feathers. They were expensive, though, and by the mid-1800s, a ball made from hardened tree sap appeared before layered balls were patented in the United States in 1908. The layered design remains a sport-wide global standard, even today.

Types of Golf Balls

In broad terms, there are two types of golf balls: recreational and professional. Recreational golf balls have two layers: a firm cover and a more pliable core. Most wholesale golf balls are of the recreational variety, which are designed to be economical and suited for casual golfers with lower swing speeds who lose a lot of balls over the course of a match.

Professional-quality golf balls have at least three layers. Their covers are much softer than the hard outer layers seen in recreational golf balls, and they have a lot more spin when hit, especially with wedge golf clubs. However, you've got to strike a professional-quality ball with a lot more force; thus, you'll need to develop a high swing speed before using these balls during a golf game, and that will take a lot of practice.

Custom Golf Balls

Personalized golf balls add an element of fun to any game. You can get these emblazoned with golf ball logos of your choice, specially colored or otherwise tailored to your particular tastes. Customized golf balls aren't all that expensive, either, especially when you order them in large quantities. Some manufacturers even offer custom golf ball production with no minimum quantities, allowing you to order as few or as many as you like for a single low price.