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Golf Carts

Find cheap golf cart rentals and leasing

Golf carts are a mainstay of courses around the world and are usually designed to seat two players with a cargo bay for their gear. Because they are only used for relatively short periods of time and travel at slow speeds, most modern golf carts are powered by electricity rather than gasoline. Simple utility golf carts can also be hydraulically powered.

Optional Features of Golf Carts

Golf carts can be modified or manufactured with numerous options that enhance their appearance, performance and usability. One of the most popular optional add-ons is a windshield, which is not normally a standard feature, especially on economical models. Players can also opt to add ball cleaners to the cargo bay, as well as trays designed to keep beverages cool during a warm day and lift kits that make it easier to get your golf clubs in and out of the cargo bay.

You can also get golf cart parts that will boost your vehicle's torque or top speed, allowing you to make your way around more easily. These modifications are especially useful if you participate in extreme golfing, which uses the wilderness rather than traditional courses as its venue.

Golf Carts: To Buy or to Rent?

If you do some digging in the world of golf carts sales, you'll soon find that the price of a single unit can be rather high for the casual player. Even inexpensive utility golf carts cost several thousand dollars when purchased new. The price of a high-end golf cart can even exceed the cost of a new automobile.

Thus, for casual and even avid players, golf cart rentals make a lot more sense. If you have a seasonal or annual membership at a golf course, the cost of your rental may be included; if not, most country clubs and golf courses make daily golf cart rentals available for a modest charge.

If you're going to be playing a lot of golf – too much to make daily golf cart rentals affordable but not enough to make buying a golf cart financially feasible – golf cart leasing is another option. Available through most pro shops as well as through some golf cart manufacturers, golf cart leasing grants you the use of a cart for a specified period of time (usually a season or a year) at a rate that works out to be cheaper than the cost of a daily rental.