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Golf Shirts

How to order custom golf shirts

Golf shirts are specialized attire designed to provide players with maximum mobility while keeping them cool during a day on the fairway. If they are made from cotton, they are typically knitted rather than woven to provide better breathability, though it is becoming increasingly common for both men's golf shirts and women's golf shirts to be made from lightweight synthetic fabrics.

Stylistic Characteristics of Typical Golf Shirts

Typically, golf shirts have a full rather than fitted cut, and resemble T-shirts except that they have collars and plackets. Usually, though not always, they have short sleeves that hug the arm with the aid of snugly banded cuffs.

In terms of the fabric used, it is very important for golf shirts to be lightweight, with a loose fit. Their unique design is intended to prevent your body temperature from rising too high during a game, and it also aims to minimize sweating to head off the possibility of dehydration.

Get Custom Golf Shirts

As with golf balls, golf clubs and many other accessories and pieces of equipment, it's easy to get custom golf shirts made by a local or regional supplier. Most custom shirt manufacturers have a premade pattern they use, and adjust sizes as directed by the customer. However, if you're only getting a few shirts made, and you're going to be the only person wearing them, it will be worth your while to stop by the shop to be measured, or to submit accurate measurements you take yourself. This will ensure a perfect fit.

If you're getting a variety of sizes made for friends, fellow players or coworkers, all you'll need to tell the manufacturer about are the design elements. If you want logo golf shirts, you have two basic options: have the logo you want printed on the front or the back of the shirt, or get embroidered golf shirts that have logo crests sewn right into the fabric.

When you order in large quantities, most suppliers will happily give you a significant volume discount. However, remember that quality comes at a price. It's fine to use cheaper fabrics if your shirts are going to serve as novelties rather than actual athletic apparel. But if you're going to use your golf shirts during play, make sure to buy a better fabric that will keep you cool and help prevent dehydration during a hot day of heated competition.