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Golf Shoes

How to choose the best golf shoes

Golf shoes fit and feel much like regular sneakers, but they have spikes attached to the soles which are designed to help players dig their feet into the green. This helps them remain stable when lining up and taking shots, something that's extremely important in golf, a game where proper form makes a massive difference.

Common Features of Golf Shoes

While both women's and men's golf shoes are available with your choice of metal or plastic spikes, it is considered good etiquette to wear shoes with plastic spikes unless the course explicitly states that metal spikes are permitted. Metal spikes, also called "hard spikes," often leave marks on golf greens and fairways; plastic spikes, or "soft spikes," don't.

If you have an unusually broad foot, you can get wide golf shoes which are uniquely designed to comfortably accommodate your proportions. Additionally, you can choose from leather- or sneaker-type golf shoes. Leather-type shoes have a more classic appeal and look great when paired with matching sports apparel, while sneaker-type shoes are considered by many to be more comfortable.

Waterproof golf shoes are widely worn, since the short, dense grasses of golf greens soak up moisture left by rainfall or early morning dew and therefore tend to stay wet longer than normal lawns do. If you're going to get waterproof golf shoes, look for ones that have a warranty – the best brands offer a one- or two-year guarantee. Both adult and youth golf shoes can cause blisters if too much moisture builds up inside the shoe as a result of sweat, so a combination of a waterproof shoe and breathable material is optimal.

Choosing the Best Golf Shoes

When it comes to finding the right golf shoes, the same principles that you would use when shopping for regular shoes apply – they need to be snug but not too tight, and yielding and comfortable when you walk.

Golf enthusiasts who have suffered or are recovering from knee injuries may prefer to wear golf shoes with plastic nubs rather than spikes, as the nubs allow for more even weight distribution. This prevents you from putting undue strain on your knees and helps make staying on your feet and walking long distances over an extended period of time more manageable.