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Putting Greens

Practice your stroke on a putting green

Putting greens are a feature of every golf course, and every golfer needs to gain proficiency with putts to take his or her game to the next level. To make this easier, you can practice your short-range strokes at outdoor putting greens or add a putting green installation to your home.

Indoor and Outdoor Synthetic Putting Greens

If you want to practice your putting in a controlled environment, indoor putting greens are the ideal solution. Indoor putting greens designed for home use are typically large enough to allow you to work on your short-to-medium-range putting; depending on the amount of space you have available, you can also install a synthetic putting green that approximates the size you'd find on a real golf course.

However, if you'd prefer to be outdoors, you can practice to your heart's content at outdoor putting greens. These facilities are to putting what batting cages are to baseball training; you can use them to hone your skills and interact with other people who share your love of sport.

More Golf Installations

If you want to work on your golf game while you're away from the course, artificial grass putting greens are by no means your only option. Professionally designed golf installations can be made with real grass, too. However, if you want low-maintenance synthetic grass, it can easily be tailored to mimic the look, feel and behavior of real turf and shaped to fit in just about any indoor or outdoor space. The materials used to build the faux turf include polyethylene, nylon, monofilaments, polypropylene and fibrillated slit films.

You can build fringes and roughs, tee decks and tee lines, and even long-shot greens with two- or three-stroke par, if you have the space. They can be customized in umpteen ways, including not only size and shape but also contour and portability. You can add sand bunkers, chipping zones, roughs and fairways…really, you're limited only by your imagination and the amount of space you have.

Companies can customize these installations not only for homes, but also for apartment complexes, condominiums, businesses, motels and hotels, schools and retirement communities. No matter where you work or live, putting greens and golf installations make it possible for you to enjoy golf throughout the year.