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MMA Gear

Hot new MMA fight gear

MMA, which stands for mixed martial arts, is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. The UFC is the premiere MMA organization on the planet, and it regularly holds pay-per-view events that are watched by millions of rabid fight fans.

The popularity of MMA as a spectator sport has led many young men and women to dream of a career as a pro fighter. If you're interested in becoming a mixed martial artist, there are a few things that you'll need to buy before you begin training.

MMA Fight Gear

MMA fighters don't wear bulky pads like football players or hockey players. Instead, their bodies are almost completely exposed during fights. Most fighters wear a pair of MMA shorts, also called fight shorts. These shorts are similar to board shorts and often feature logos of sponsors. Some of the top brands of MMA shorts include Tapout, Clinch Gear, Sprawl and Venum.

In addition to shorts, the only thing that most fighters wear is a pair of MMA gloves. Standard MMA fight gloves (like the ones worn by UFC fighters) weigh 4 ounces and feature an open-palm design with cut fingers. This is quite a bit different from boxing gloves, which are much bulkier and don't expose the fingers. However, as in boxing, many fighters prefer to wrap their hands before they put on their gloves, so you may also want to also buy a pair of hand wraps. Some of the top brands of MMA gloves include Hayabyusa, Fairtex and Everlast.

Many fighters also choose to include a pair of boxing gloves in their MMA training gear. They are safer to train with than standard MMA gloves, since they are thicker and less likely to injure your sparring partner. You may want to include a pair of 14- to 20-ounce boxing gloves on your MMA gear wish list if you plan to do some sparring.

Cheap MMA Gear

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on brand new MMA gear, that doesn't mean you're out of luck. There are a number of great companies online that offer discount MMA training gear to young fighters who are hungry to start training and begin their journey towards to a UFC championship fight.

MMA Clothing

Even if you don't want to train to be a mixed martial arts fighter, you can still support the sport and your favorite professional fighters by wearing branded MMA clothing. Brands like Tapout, Affliction and Silver Star make some of the coolest T-shirts on the market today.