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Softball Equipment

Everything you need for softball

Although it descended from baseball, softball has come into its own as a popular sport. The very first game of softball was played using a broomstick for a bat and a rolled-up boxing glove in the place of a ball. Luckily for softball players everywhere, softball equipment has advanced considerably.

Equipment for Softball

The most important pieces of equipment are softball bats and balls, although it is quite risky for players to try to catch the ball without wearing softball gloves. In spite of the sport's name, the balls used in softball are actually fairly hard. Batters and base runners need to wear batting helmets for protection from the ball, although face masks are optional. Many batters also like to wear batting gloves for extra gripping power.

For the softball field, base markers are required. Choosing bases which have a break-away option when enough force is applied to the base is an excellent idea to ensure the safety of base runners. Chalk or some other material is used to mark the features of the softball field.

Other Softball Accessories

While casual softball games can be played in almost any comfortable clothing, teams favor the use of softball uniforms. A team's uniform usually consists of a colored jersey or T-shirt with a number on the back and coordinating softball pants. Often the player's last name is also printed on the back of the shirt along with their number.

Baseball-style softball caps or visors are popular with softball teams. Besides helping to identify the team with which a player is affiliated, these hats help keep the sun out of players' eyes.

Softball shoes usually have cleats to help keep the players from slipping, and they are available for sale in sporting goods stores and wherever athletic shoes are sold. The Internet is an excellent resource for finding a wide variety of softball clothing and shoes; just be sure that the retailer has a fair return policy in case an item does not fit or has some other problem.

Softball trophies are often awarded to casual players and organized teams alike. A variety of trophy styles, which are priced starting from as little as a few dollars apiece, is available both from local trophy stores and from online retailers. Trophies can be engraved with a player's name, team name and date for a few dollars more.