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Team Uniforms

New jerseys for your team

Team uniforms serve many purposes. They unite the members of your squad, garner respect from your opponents and add style to your game. If the task of creating and ordering team uniforms has fallen in your lap, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you get good-looking jerseys.

Design Tips for Team Uniforms

The majority of team sports have style standards already in place. Softball uniforms, soccer uniforms, basketball uniforms and hockey jerseys, for example, all conform to a fairly universal form. In fact, many leagues have specific requirements that dictate the size and shape allowances of team uniforms.

So, in most cases, the first thing you're going to have to do is pick a color scheme. You might be limited in your choices by the selections already made by other teams in your league, but as a general rule, you should stick with classic combinations that have a high contrast ratio. Conventional wisdom suggests the easiest thing to do is pick one light color and one dark color that match one another. Red and white, blue and white, black and silver, black and gold, orange and black, and silver and blue are all classic team uniform color combinations.

Selecting graphics for your jersey may be a matter of availability; some uniform companies have a relatively limited selection of graphics available, while others can easily customize graphics according to your specifications. If you have to keep things simple, one easy solution is to simply choose a suitable font and print the name of your team on the front of your jersey. You can compensate for the relative lack of imagination with accents like shoulder or sleeve trim and splashes of color.

Sleeve prints add a touch of character to just about any sports uniform, too. Most manufacturers offer you a range of choices, including sentence-style sleeve prints which run vertically up the arm of the shirt, standard-style prints which stack words atop one another and stacked prints which arrange letters vertically to spell a word, phrase or name.

Cheerleading uniforms are even easier than sports uniforms to design, as picking a color scheme, a lettering font and trim style are usually all you'll need to worry about. In many cases, these considerations are already predetermined; after all, cheerleaders usually represent a team or a school that already has an established uniform color scheme and style.

Before ordering, make sure to get an accurate count of the number of each size you'll need. It's also a good idea to order a few extra uniforms in each size, just in case someone loses or damages theirs, or if you need to add a new member to your team partway through a season.