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Tennis Equipment

Hit the court with new tennis gear

The game of tennis was created several thousand years ago by European monks. Now popular throughout the world as both a spectator sport and a participatory sport, tennis can be played by children and adults of all ages.

Equipment for Tennis

Tennis rackets (also spelled as tennis racquets) are the most critical piece of tennis training equipment. There are five different features that are important when choosing the right racket:

  • Head size, which is the size of the frame that holds the strings. In general, a larger racket head means that the racket is more powerful, while a smaller head size gives the player more control over their shots.
  • Grip size, which affects a player's control of the racket and the degree of wrist movement when serving; a grip of the wrong size can increase the risk for painful tennis elbow.
  • Racket length, which is measured from the bottom of the grip to the top of the racket's head and affects a player's reach and leverage.
  • Racket weight, which can provide more power through a heavier racket or more finesse with a lighter racket.
  • Tennis strings, which are made either from cow intestines or from synthetic materials.

Another important piece of tennis equipment is the tennis ball, which comes in a variety of pressure settings. For beginners and casual players, medium-pressurized balls are fine. There are some tennis balls known as pressure-less balls as well, which are stiffer at first than pressurized balls, but the more they are used, the bouncier they become.

Tennis Clothing

The best tennis clothing allows for a good range of motion while also providing breathability. Modern tennis clothing is usually made from synthetic fabrics, which are lightweight and help wick moisture away from the skin. Men generally wear a shirt with or without a collar and shorts, while women have more choices in tennis outfits, including short dresses, a shirt and shorts and a top and a skirt. Tennis players appreciate some type of hat to help keep the sun out of their eyes, though a shorter brim is preferable so that it doesn't interfere with visibility.

Tennis shoes are required to give a player good ankle support and sure footing while changing directions rapidly on the court. The soles of tennis shoes are wider than those of running shoes, as tennis involves a great deal of lateral movement.