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Sports Tickets

How to buy sports tickets online

Getting your hands on sports tickets for an in-demand event is never an easy task. Fortunately for sports fans, the online revolution has made it much easier to find hard-to-get tickets at a fair price.

Before you buy tickets online, though, there are a few tricks for finding a good price that you should know about and a few pitfalls to avoid. Shopping smartly will help protect your personal information while ensuring you get a great deal.

Finding Sports Tickets Online

Entering a common, simple term like "football tickets" or "baseball tickets" into a search engine will instantly yield dozens of results. So, really, finding sports tickets isn't the issue—it's finding the exact tickets you want at the best possible price that's the trick.

The first thing you should do is make your search as specific as possible and only visit sites that are highly relevant to those specifics. For example, instead of doing a broad search for "basketball tickets," you could specify that you're looking for "NBA basketball tickets," "NCAA basketball tickets" or seats to a home game of a particular basketball team. The same is true of college football tickets—searches for specific teams are more likely to yield useful results than general ones.

You can also use online auction sites and classified ad sites in your search for sports tickets. The advantage of using these resources is that prices are biddable or negotiable, and you'll avoid a lot of the fees and surcharges typically levied by ticket brokers. These sites are also excellent resources for finding sports memorabilia and collectibles, too.

Be Smart When You Buy Tickets Online

To buy tickets online, you'll almost certainly be asked to pay with your credit card. If you're uncomfortable doing this, some retailers will allow you to pay using an online money transfer service like PayPal. However, if you are going to charge your tickets to a credit card, you can protect yourself by ensuring that the site has security measures in place. Also, when the transaction is completed, you should erase your browser's memory cache. In the days following the transaction, monitor activity on your credit account closely to ensure your card hasn't been compromised.

If you're going to purchase your tickets from a private party rather than an online broker, it's best to meet up with the seller in person. This way, you can ensure that you'll get what you're paying for rather than taking a chance sending an unknown party a check or money order. Auction sites like eBay have built-in security measures to sharply reduce your chances of getting scammed, but if you're using a forum that doesn't already have those measures, it's best to deal only with local sellers.

Sports Tickets