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Baseball Training

What to look for in a baseball camp

If your child wants to be a professional baseball player, you could help them on their journey by enrolling them in a local baseball camp. Just make sure the camp you choose is a place where your kids will not only improve their game but also have fun.

Day versus Overnight Baseball Camps

The first thing you need to do is gauge how your son or daughter feels about the sport. If they're extremely passionate and treat their baseball equipment with great care, then a camp with more grueling baseball training and longer time-of-stay will suit them just fine. However, if their passion for the sport is at all in doubt, you will most certainly want to discuss length of stay and intensity of practice with them prior to enrollment.

Second, ask yourself how much you can afford. It's a tough but necessary question. If you're looking for something cheaper than a prolonged overnight camp, try day camps, where you drop off your child each morning and pick them up in the late afternoon or evening. This situation saves you from having to pay for overnight accommodation and meals.

Check It Out

If you're certain your child would benefit from attending a baseball school, go online and look for reviews and forums discussing the camps you're most interested in. The opinions of other parents can go a long way to helping you decide which camp is most appropriate for your child's age, passion and skill level. Don't forget to express your own opinion of a camp after your child has attended one, to help other parents with their own similar decision later on. Websites offering online baseball training or guidance might also make recommendations.

Finally, don't be afraid to actually go and visit the camps at the top of your list. If your child is going to stay there, you'll want to be sure the eating and sleeping areas are clean and comfortable. The last thing you want to do is send your child to a place that will make them miserable, even if they do learn a few valuable tools toward improving their baseball game. Also, talk to the people running the camp – baseball coaching is an extremely important part of the game, and if you aren't satisfied, you should look elsewhere.

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