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Basketball Training

Where to find the best basketball coaching

Great basketball players don't just get to the NBA overnight. And while the basketball equipment they use is important, it won't make them any more talented. Players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan all worked around-the-clock on their games to become part of professional line-ups, and that's the kind of dedication your son or daughter will need to make college or pro teams, too.

Committing to Basketball Coaching

That dedication means enrolling your child in basketball training such as a basketball camp, where their skills and style can be analyzed and improved by experienced coaches who know the game inside-out.

The first thing you'll need to determine when choosing a basketball camp for your son or daughter is the time they have to devote to such an option. If they're old enough, a teen might be able to decide what kind of future they envision for themselves – if it includes college and then professional basketball afterward, a more intense basketball school might be the best option. However, if they like wearing sports apparel more than playing the sport, and have other ideas about their future profession, then basketball might take a secondary role in their physical and intellectual development.

Choosing a Basketball Camp

Ask your child how comfortable they would be with attending a basketball camp. If they're hesitant to commit so much time to such a venture, ask them if a day camp closer to home would make them more comfortable with the idea. (Ideally, the child or teen will ask you about attending a basketball camp, and not the other way around.)

If your son or daughter is currently engaged in a local basketball league, ask other parents what they think about sending their kids to a basketball camp. If they are in favor of the idea for their own kids, ask them if they would recommend any particular basketball school. Even more importantly, ask which camps successfully combine basketball coaching with encouraging the kids to have fun. Online basketball training resources could also provide you with helpful decision-making information.

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