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Boxing Classes

Train to be a boxer

So, you've got the boxing equipment and the right physique, and now you want to be a boxer? It's a long, hard road, and there's a lot you should know when starting out on a boxing career. Boxing isn't just a combat sport – it's an art, where a fighter must learn not only how to prepare their body for a fight, but how to identify weaknesses in their opponent prior to and during the event. This makes boxing one of the more strategic sports in the world today and helps to explain its storied history in North American culture.

Boxing Classes

Practicing for a Fight

Whether you're into North American or Thai boxing, it's important that you attend kickboxing classes or regular boxing classes – after all, if you can run 17 miles and lift 300 pounds, but you don't know how to throw a jab, block an uppercut or read your opponent, then you won't be much good inside the ring.

Thus, the best advice for you as a beginner fighter is to seek out boxing gyms and immediately begin sparring with opponents. At first, these experiences might need to be intermittent; as with any training routine, sparring provides an enormous challenge for your body and takes some getting used to – particularly if you find that you are outmatched. It will almost certainly be worth your time to find a coach who can provide adequate advice and make your boxing training more effective.

Boxing Training

While getting in the ring with opponents on a regular basis is important, it's still critical that ambitious fighters maintain a healthy diet and boxing workout regimen. Many boxers begin their day with a morning run, followed by a breakfast high in lean protein and whole-grain carbohydrates. Then, most should rest their bodies for several hours before heading to the gym in the late afternoon or evening.

Training should consist of heavy-bag drills, sparring, shadowboxing, mitt work, jump rope and strategic cardio and weight training routines. Change your workouts from day to day so that each feels new and your muscles don't adjust so much to a routine that results begin to tail off. Some boxers find that bodybuilding supplies are useful for getting into top shape.

As a fight approaches, adjust your exercise so that the demands on your muscles decrease while in-ring strategizing increases. This means spending more time sparring than the average week.

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