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Golf School

Improve your game with professional golf instruction

Golf is one of the most challenging sports ever known to man. It takes a combination of incredible talent and patience to become a top-level golfer – but it also takes an enormous amount of practice. For those who love the game, and many do, practice is no problem and often offers a rewarding escape from the working world. However, if you really want to elevate your game, then it might be necessary to take a few lessons at a golf school.

Junior Golf School

If you're looking to help your son or daughter get started in the sport (and maybe even reel in an impressive scholarship), then you might consider golf instruction for them. Many junior golf schools offer tips on how to position the ball, where to place the hands for each type of shot and how to improve stance and posture for every situation. Not only can these courses help your child or teen improve their driving, putting, chipping and sand play, but they can also teach young people the proper rules and etiquette of golfing – important lessons in a sport that has for generations valued gentlemanly conduct.

Intermediate Golf Programs

If you're an adult and want to improve your game, most golf schools offer several different streams based on your skill level. Many schools offer beginner, intermediate and advanced golf training courses that tailor instruction to each participant's skill level. Some schools may have both short- and long-term opportunities to receive golf instructions from experienced trainers or even professionals, ranging from one or two days to a week. If you're looking into golf vacations, consider golf school vacations, which are often one part resort holiday, one part intense training weekend.

New Golf Training Technology

One of the most exciting new technologies arriving at golf schools these days is video analysis, where a computerized analysis system films your swing in multiple situations. This is a helpful golf coaching aid because instructors can then use the footage and analysis to compare your swing with that of a professional, and offer advice on how to more closely emulate your PGA tour heroes.

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