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Hockey Training

What to look for in a hockey camp

Hockey is an exceptionally challenging sport. Not only does it require players to develop eye-hand coordination, a bulky physique and incredible power, but it asks them to do so while on skates – a far from natural form of movement for most human beings. Since there are so many elements to the game of hockey, it's important for young players intent on becoming the stars of their team to attend a hockey school in order to learn new techniques that could help them score the big goal or make the big stop.

Hockey School Programs

The first thing to do is find out what kinds of programs and hockey training equipment a prospective school offers. Like most sporting camps, a good hockey school should have several different programs for players of all skill levels. Many offer beginner, intermediate and elite streams carefully developed for each type of player. Some camps offer even more specific programs, such as those designed to improve the conditioning of a player through hockey strength training. Other programs might aid players in developing their team skills by engaging them in coordinated practices and games that are video recorded and then reviewed by coaches and professionals who can offer specific advice.

Going to hockey camp can also help young players identify where they need to be on the ice in order to make the right play for their team. While some hockey camps are specifically organized with each position in mind, even schools with a broader focus should have specialized streams for forwards, defensemen and goaltenders. Better schools will offer one-on-one reviews and tips from trained professionals and coaches. Goaltenders in particular require this kind of hockey coaching; parents of goalies should make sure that the school provides their son or daughter with ample one-on-one instruction to help identify and correct positioning and movement weaknesses.

Adult Training

Since it's not just kids who play hockey, many schools offer programs designed especially for adults who may not have their eyes on the Stanley Cup, but still want to perform at the highest level possible. While still offering guidance to help you make the most of your hockey equipment, these programs are often more relaxed and friendly than more serious hockey training streams.

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