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Skydiving School

Skydiving lessons prepare you to take the leap

If the lure of skydiving is proving too enticing to ignore, you'll want to sign up for lessons at a certified skydiving school. It's essential that you have well-developed skydiving safety skills before you take the leap on your own, and skydiving training in a controlled environment prepares you like nothing else.

How Skydiving Lessons Work

It is possible to learn how to skydive without jumping out of an airplane. Indoor skydiving schools use vertical wind tunnels to simulate the experience of free-falling through the air. Many institutions use this technology to introduce students to free-falling before taking them up in an actual airplane.

Usually, skydiving schools combine practical training with some classroom instruction to help you gain familiarity with the concepts you'll be drawing on during an actual jump. The more varied and in-depth your instructional training is, the more prepared you'll be to face the challenges of skydiving head-on.

In terms of selecting a school or training facility, look for institutions that use state-of-the-art skydiving equipment and employ instructors with extensive experience, both in jumping and in teaching. Cost should not be the only consideration; remember, your educational experience is going to culminate with you jumping out of an airplane, so you want to make sure you're thoroughly prepared for anything that might happen.

Take the Leap

When the time comes for you to take your first real jump, it will very likely be a tandem jump with an experienced instructor. In tandem jumping, you and an experienced jumper are bound together from start to finish: you'll leap together, free-fall together and the experienced jumper will assist you in activating your parachute.

Depending on your comfort level, subsequent jumps can be tandem jumps, or you can take the plunge on your own. The more you jump, the better you'll get, and once you've developed a reasonable proficiency, you can look into specific skydiving disciplines and challenges that may enhance your enjoyment of the sport.

Experienced skydivers practice many specialized jumping techniques, including accuracy landing, formation jumping, military parachuting, sky surfing, freestyle skydiving and more. If you decide to take the leap and find yourself bitten by the skydiving bug, you'll find a world of ways to challenge yourself and enhance your enjoyment of this unique sport.

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