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Soccer Training

What to look for in a soccer camp

Soccer is a game of stamina and skill, and players have to have plenty of both to compete at a high level. At a soccer camp or soccer school, you can take advantage of professional soccer training that will help you improve your fundamentals, positional play and fitness level, all while honing your skills in the finer points of the world's most popular sport.

Aspects of Soccer Training

Generally speaking, there are three aspects of soccer training that you'll engage with when you attend a camp or instructional program: endurance, fundamental skills and strategy. Each of these is equally important, and you'll participate in drills and workshops that will help you improve your fitness level and increase your knowledge of soccer strategy and game play.

Fitness drills are designed to ramp up your endurance and fitness, as players in peak physical condition are best able to play this physically demanding sport. Speed, strength, agility and stamina are all very important, and you'll spend a good deal of time developing all four. Thus, you should expect an emphasis on aerobic fitness as well as working with bodybuilding supplies.

Other drills, including dribbling and ball handling maneuvers, passing and shooting exercises, and positional drills will help you build confidence in your fundamental skills and make you a more confident player during an actual game. Online soccer training sites can show you the basics, but there is no substitute for live soccer coaching with an experienced professional.

The strategic techniques you'll learn during your soccer training will depend on your level of experience. But, in broad terms, you can expect instruction in attacking and defending formations, set plays like free kicks and corner kicks, and approaches to special game situations (such as leading or trailing by a single goal with little time left on the clock).

Find a Quality Soccer School or Camp

Both residential soccer camps and day-only training schools have advantages and disadvantages. The cost of a live-in soccer camp is higher, but it gives participants the opportunity to live and breathe soccer for the duration of the program and meet other like-minded individuals. Day-only schools are much more affordable, but you'll be limited to programs that take place in your immediate area, as the student will have to find a way to get to and from the instructional sessions each day.

Look for programs taught by professionals with extensive experience, both as soccer players and as soccer coaches or teachers. The quality of the exercise and training facilities is also important, and if you aspire to become a competitive or professional player, you should also ask about the program's pedigree. Soccer camps that produce renowned players stake their reputations on continued success, so you should take advantage of the opportunities they offer if you're serious about a soccer career.

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