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Tennis Training

Find a tennis coach who can improve your game

Tennis is a finesse sport that requires players to be capable of short but repeated bursts of high-level physical exertion, so tennis training focuses not only on technical skills, but also strength and fitness. You have many options at your disposal, from hiring a one-on-one tennis coach, attending group tennis lessons or heading off to tennis camp.

Fundamental Aspects of Tennis Training

Physically speaking, you'll require good balance, coordination and flexibility to excel at tennis, as well as fast reaction times and a high level of aerobic fitness. Tennis involves a lot of lateral movement and sprinting, and you'll have a relatively short recovery time. In this respect, it varies significantly from the type of endurance you'd build during soccer training, as that sport requires a lot more stamina and involves fewer periods of intense exertion. Tennis strength training exercises help you address the unique demands of this physically challenging sport.

The technical skills you'll build during tennis training include positioning, swinging and serving, strategy and mental focus. Footwork is also extremely important in this sport, and tennis training aids that improve your coordination will only help you on the court during competitive play.

What to Look For in a Tennis Coach

Whether you're going away to attend a summer tennis camp or getting tennis lessons from a personal instructor, it's important that you know how to evaluate the quality of a given instructor or facility. When it comes to teaching, experience is king – look for teachers who have not only played a lot, but also taught a lot, too.

If you're serious about developing a high level of skill, look for tennis camps that are members of the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) or, in the U.S., affiliated with the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). In fact, the USPTA maintains a list of affiliated tennis camps, which will help you find suitable local facilities.

Finally, if you have some tennis experience and you're looking to improve a particular skill or aspect of your game, collect user reviews about teachers and camps and use them as a guide for finding instruction that will best suit your needs. The input of people who have actually attended a particular camp or worked with a particular instructor can be invaluable when it comes time to make your choice.

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